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Alright, but what exactly will we be doing?

What will you gain from participating in the workshops?

Warsztaty jednodniowe w Warszawie 

20 lipca 2024

These workshops are for you if


These workshops are for you if:

- You are neurodivergent: you have a diagnosis of ADHD/ASD-

You struggle with perfectionism or, like me, you can call yourself a "recovering perfectionist"-

You see or are ready to see how perfectionism hinders your daily, happy, and worthwhile life-

You are ready to engage in gentle and fun physical activity (mindfulness dynamic yoga)-

You are ready to engage in creative play that is unbecoming of serious, adult people ;))-

You want to understand your brain in a safe, non-judgmental environment-

You want to learn specific, evidence-based strategies for dealing with perfectionism



Jest wiele sposobów, aby zrobić coś dobrze! 

To express your interest in participating in the workshops, please fill out the form below or call the following phone number: 570667268. You can also email us at: You can leave a text message as well - we'll call back or reply. Before registering, be sure to read the Regulations.

O Natalii Pietrulewicz 

Miejsce : 

Warszawa Żoliborz

Specjalna oferta warsztat plus konsultacja: 


Regularna cena warsztat+konsultacja to 650 zł  

Przy płatności do 27.05.2024 cena to tylko 550 zł (najniższa cena w ostatnich 30 dniach 350 zł). 

Przy płatności do 24.06.2024 cena to 600 zł (najniższa cena w ostatnich 30 dniach 1350). 

Później cena wzrasta do 650 zł. 



Workshop price:Regular workshop price is 400 PLNWhen paid by May 30, 2024, the price is only 350 PLN (lowest price in the last 30 days 350 PLN).When paid by June 24, 2024, the price is 380 PLN (lowest price in the last 30 days 350 PLN).After that, the price increases to 400 PLN.



A handful of formalities - what? where? when? how much?

Number of participants in the group: max 10Facilitator: Natalia Pietrulewicz



Artistic activities - here we will experiment, do things wrong, and observe without judgment.

There is an option to purchase a special offer including the workshop and a follow-up individual online consultation after the workshop. During the consultation, we will practice selected techniques, revisit chosen exercises, or focus on one particular issue that needs attention. Alternatively, we can collaboratively outline a plan for your further journey towards a happy, imperfect, and experiment-filled life.

Values and goals - what is truly meant to be my perfectly imperfect life?

We'll provide support to each other - within the group, and we'll also explore ways to support ourselves even after the workshop ends. We'll strengthen our strengths.

Self-criticism, blaming, benevolent self-correction - we will be searching for pathways to the latter, but first, we'll understand how the former emerge and how significant a role they play in perfectionism.

Perfectionism in Person - here we will get to know our dubious helper better and find out how we can come to terms with it. 

Neurobiology of Neurodiversity, Executive Functions - here we will seek explanations for our struggles and our tendency to pursue perfection. Explanations, not excuses.

Dynamic Mindfulness Yoga - these will be our mindful, experimental, and imperfect breaks from intellectual and cognitive work. Periodically, we'll come back to our bodies and nervous systems..

The outline of the workshop program is as follows:

When: July 20, 2024, from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM


  • Knowledge: current and accessible information about neurodiversity and the functioning of the human brain in general, as well as perfectionism—presented in a way that is useful for everyday life.Group support: people who have similar experiences.The opportunity to learn and practice techniques and methods for dealing with problematic situations.Psychoeducational materials.The option to purchase a follow-up individual session at a preferential price.


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